lunes, 24 de julio de 2017

Preciosa sesión madre hija de Rapunzel y Madre por Camilla Courts.

"Look in that mirror. I see a strong, confident, beautiful young lady......[to Rapunzel] Oh look, you're here too!" Oh that evil Mother Gothel working her emotionally manipulative ways. It's one of the reasons I hate her so much (while also secretly wanting to dress up like a medieval goddess). Can we give a round of applause to @suegairns for THIS DRESS! I came to her with the fabric only a few days ago and she created this masterpiece! The cloak was borrowed from a fantastic cosplayer from the Okanagan! Much love to you Leanne! Make up by: @missymackintosh ! I'm wearing a wig from our lovely sponsor @ardawigscanada! I'm wearing "Lindsay" in Deep Brown. We added the front curls but looping curls from the back through to the front 😮. This way I didn't have to cut the wig as I want to reuse it for another princess. (One who likes to splash in water and visit the realm of monsters). Thank you again @ardawigscanada!!! Use the code disneyinspiredarda to receive 10% off your entire order!! #mothergothel #mothergothelcosplay #tangled #rapunzel #rapunzelhair #rapunzelcosplay #disneycosplay #disneypixar #disneyvillain #disneyvillaincosplay
Una publicación compartida de Camillia Courts (@disneyinspiredphoto) el

Una publicación compartida de Camillia Courts (@disneyinspiredphoto) el

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