lunes, 23 de mayo de 2016

Elhoffer Design nos trae sus elegantes vestidos inspirados en Star Wars.

Perfectos para cualquier ocasión relevante de la familia, lleva tu frikismo de boda o comuncion con esta colección de Elhoffer Design.

Ok, first, the response on the #Jedi dress is insane so you all are amazing. I'm opening back up for commissions just after the new year so if you want anything that I've posted, message or email me your preference and your dress size and I'll get you a quote. Now, after doing the Jedi dress, I thought it looked a lot like one of my fav pieces of #queenamidala (technically #sabe): the battle dress she wears to retake #naboo. Red scuba is the base, black stretch velvet is the tabard, and black stretch vinyl is the Obi. The colors on this are so rich, and of course there are side pockets!! Ask the sleeves have a pointed accent where the velvet meets the scuba. I wish I had made this earlier as it looks perfect for a holiday party! There's always next year ;) #starwars #starwarsfashion #phantommenace #episode1 #padme #padmeamidala #amidalacollection #geekchic #geek #geekgirl #geekbound #geekfashion #velvet #red #sewing #seamstress #inspired
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